Jong Yong Abdiel Foo

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Photoplethysmography (PPG) signals can be used in clinical assessment such as heart rate (HR) estimations and extraction of arterial flow waveforms. Motion artefact and/or poor peripheral perfusion can contaminate the PPG during monitoring. A computational system is presented here to minimise these two intrinsic weaknesses of the PPG signals. Specifically,(More)
Motion artefact is a common occurrence that contaminates photoplethysmographic (PPG) measurements. To extract timing information from signals during artefact is challenging. PPG signal is very sensitive to artefacts and can be used in applications like, pulse transit time (PTT) as part of the polysomnographic studies. A correlation cancellation or signal(More)
Among the many forms of research misconduct, publishing fraudulent data is considered to be serious where the confidence and validity of the research is detrimentally undermined. In this study, the trend of 303 retracted publications from 44 authors (with more than three retracted publications each) was analysed. The results showed that only 6.60% of the(More)
There is an increasing trend towards assessing the scientific performance of researchers and institutions of higher learning in the form of journal publications and the associated citations. Currently, the journal impact factor (JIF) value is the most widely used measure for any academic contents. However, there are growing concerns for the unethical(More)
For academic research outcomes, there is an increasing emphasis on the bibliometric scorings like the journal impact factor and citations when the assessment of the scientific merits of research or researchers is required. Currently, no known study has been conducted to explore the bibliographical trends of the subject category of multidisciplinary sciences(More)
Motion artifact is a common occurrence that contaminates physiologic measurements such as pulse transit time (PTT). Furthermore, some advanced signal processing algorithms used in artifact management can induce unwanted errors in the timing characteristics of the recovered signals. In order to extract useful timing information, an independent component(More)
The growing emphasis on the importance of publishing scientific findings in the academic world has led to increasing prevalence of potentially significant publications in which scientific and ethical rigour may be questioned. This has not only hindered research progress, but also eroded public trust in all scientific advances. In view of the increasing(More)
Sleep apnea can be broadly categorized as obstructive (OA) and central apnea (CA). The treatments for both are different and thus classifying them accordingly is important clinically. Cardiac derived parameters have shown their usefulness in detecting occurrences of sleep apnea. However, limited studies have been conducted to understand their potentials in(More)
Inspiratory resistive load (IRL) has been used as part of clinical tools to evaluate respiratory responses of a child like depth of inspiratory efforts and perception of the inspiratory load. These responses have shown to be important to monitor the prognosis of asthma and sleep apnea. Minimally invasive instrumentations are generally preferred for children(More)
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