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In recent years, the influences of design patterns on software quality have attracted increasing attention in the area of software engineering, as design patterns encapsulate valuable knowledge to resolve design problems, and more importantly to improve the design quality. One of the key challenges in object-oriented design is how to apply appropriate(More)
This study proposed a method to detect the little flame in the early stage of fire combustion. The foreground object was extracted by motion detection and YCb Cr color clues. To avoid the noise of motion detection in different resolution videos, background edge model is used to eliminate noise instead of morphology. Next, with the help of fire(More)
As a promising, low-cost, and agile way to develop software, in recent years automatic service composition has been a popular research topic receiving a lot of attentions. For this topic, upon our long-term study and paper reviewed, we present technical survey and observation in this paper, including indispensable background and preliminary knowledge. The(More)
In this paper, we propose a new approach in performing trade-off analysis between multiple criteria, called criteria trade-off analysis (CTA). Conflicting degree and cooperative degree between any two criteria are first formulated, Relationships between criteria are identified based upon their conflicting and cooperative degrees. Criteria are converted into(More)