Jong Wook Park

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OBJECTIVE To assess the use of diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) at 3 Tesla (T) for lesion localization in patients with a high risk of prostate cancer before a rebiopsy. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 43 patients (age range, 40-80 years; mean age, 62.6 years) who had previously undergone a transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided biopsy that was negative(More)
The expression of melanoma antigen gene (MAGE), coding for tumor antigens recognized by cytotoxic T cell, is highly specific to cancer cells, but their use in the detection of a few cancer cells by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) has been limited by the low frequency of expression of individual MAGE genes. In order to increase MAGE(More)
OBJECTIVES To present our experience with 9 cases of bladder leiomyomas and a review of the relevant published data. METHODS During a 13-year period, 9 patients were treated for bladder leiomyoma. Their medical records were retrospectively reviewed, and data, including age, sex, symptoms, tumor size and location, cystoscopy results, radiologic examination(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to prospectively evaluate whether MRI before an initial transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy contributed to detection of prostate cancer in patients with high prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level and no previous biopsy. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Men with an abnormal digital rectal examination or high PSA level were(More)
Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) is a cytoprotective enzyme activated by its substrate heme and diverse stimuli. The induction of HO-1 gene expression is one of the important events in cellular response to pro-oxidative and pro-inflammatory insults. In this study, the effect of rottlerin, a putative PKC delta inhibitor, on HO-1 expression in HT29 human colon cancer(More)
BACKGROUND Few studies assessing the functional change of each kidney following warm ischaemia after partial nephrectomy are available. OBJECTIVES Our aim was to identify the effects of the warm ischaemic time (WIT) on renal function after partial nephrectomy under the pneumoperitoneum. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS Forty-four consecutive patients(More)
OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to review and analyze ureteral injuries incidental to gynecologic surgery in a community hospital. STUDY DESIGN During the study period from Jan. 1, 1983, through Dec. 31, 1992, all patient records in which ureteral injury resulted from gynecologic surgery were reviewed. The operative procedure, pathologic result, location of(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the effects of surgery for rectal cancer on postoperative voiding and sexual function over the course of time. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data from 28 patients who underwent autonomic nerve preserving rectal cancer surgery were retrospectively analyzed. Operations were performed between October 2005 and July 2007 and all patients were(More)