Jong-Wook Baek

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In this paper, we present a framework for managing ATM customer networks using WWW and CORBA technologies. The WWW technology may provide network management operators with platform independence, location independence, friendly and/or consistent management behavior as well as secure management operations. The main problems in a Web-based network management(More)
This paper presents a multi-domain Internet service management framework that uses Service Level Agreement (SLA) to support QoS and to exchange management information across domain boundaries. In rapidly growing Internet/Intranet environments, there is no standard mechanism to exchange management information between service providers and their customers or(More)
There exist various application services such as e-mail, file transfer, news, telnet, archie, gopher and WWW on the Internet. New application services such as Web hosting, entertainment and electronic commerce are continuously being developed and deployed over an enterprise network infrastructure that spans multiple control domains. These services must be(More)
A Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) is an infrastructure which provides interfaces for interconnection between various types of Operations Systems and/or telecommunications equipment to manage telecommunicatio n network and service, and a management information is exchanged through these interfaces. Up to now, a lot of efforts have been made for(More)
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