Jong-Won Ko

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Regarding the software development, MDA (Model Driven Architecture) of OMG can be regarded as the concept of making an independently-designed model according to the development environment and language and reusing it according to the desired development environment and language by expanding the reusable unit into the software model when developing software.(More)
In order to easily port mobile applications suitable for each platform, that have been developed under diverse development environment for individual wireless communication service providers, or redevelop them on a specific platform, it is required to reuse them at software model level that is a software development paradigm for MDA (Model Driven(More)
The scope of the problems that could be solved by monitoring and the improvement of the recognition time is directly correlated to the performance of the management function of the business process. The Enhydra Shark from the existing WfMS shows the process records on the web client by the allocated activities during the designing process of the process log(More)
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