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A novel self-aligning silicon optical bench for fully passive alignment of optical components and its fabrication method are presented. Key technologies developed in this work are multi-step silicon anisotropic etching for manufacturing SiOB, photolithography on three-dimensional surface, precise size control of optical active chip, and flux-and(More)
  • W Vo N H Oy N In G E N-H U E N E, T D In T E R, +6 authors M D Io
  • 2009
A B S T R A C T Main optical characteristics of desert dust, such as phase function and single scattering albedo, have been derived from combinations of sun-/sky-radiometer and satellite measurements during the SAMUM experiment (10 May–10 June 2006) at the site Porte au Sahara (30.237 • N, 5.607 • W) in South Morocco. Scattering phase functions have been(More)
We present the design, fabrication and measurement results of a comb-driven electrostatic scanning micromirror. Instead of a conventional micromirror having uniform thickness across the entire reflective surface, a diaphragm mirror plate supported by an array of diamond-shaped frame structures is fabricated monolithically. The fabrication process is a(More)
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