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A novel self-aligning silicon optical bench for fully passive alignment of optical components and its fabrication method are presented. Key technologies developed in this work are multi-step silicon anisotropic etching for manufacturing SiOB, photolithography on three-dimensional surface, precise size control of optical active chip, and flux-and(More)
We present the design, fabrication and measurement results of a comb-driven electrostatic scanning micromirror. Instead of a conventional micromirror having uniform thickness across the entire reflective surface, a diaphragm mirror plate supported by an array of diamond-shaped frame structures is fabricated monolithically. The fabrication process is a(More)
We present an electromagnetic biaxial vector-graphic scanning micromirror. In contrast to conventional electromagnetic actuators using linear magnetic field, proposed device utilizes a radial magnetic field and uniquely designed current paths to enable the 2 degree-of-freedom scanning motion. As the radial field is generated by concentrically assembled(More)
We present the design, fabrication, and measurement results of an electromagnetic biaxial microscanner with mechanical amplification mechanism. A gimbaled scanner with two distinct single-crystal silicon layer thicknesses and integrated copper coils has been fabricated with combination of surface and bulk micromachining processes. A magnet assembly(More)
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