Jong-Tzy Wang

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In this paper, we propose an Estimated High Frequency Compensated (EHFC) algorithm for super resolution images. It is based on Iterative Back Projection (IBP) method combined with compensated high frequency models according to different applications. The proposed algorithm not only improves the quality of enlarged images produced by zero-order, bilinear, or(More)
Video sequences compressed by the current videocompression standards—such as MPEG-1/2 and H.261/H.263, which include motion compensation and variable-length coding—are very sensitive to channel disturbances. There exist many error-concealment techniques that can improve the video quality substantially. However, they generally do not prevent or terminate the(More)
The quantization index modulation (QIM) that is often used in watermarking can provide a tradeoff between robustness and transparency. In this paper, we propose a robust audio watermarking technique which adopts the wavelet QIM method with adaptive step sizes for blind watermark extraction. Since wavelet transform offers both temporal and frequency(More)
The MPEG video coding is the most widely used video coding standard which usually generates variable bitrate (VBR) data streams. Although ATM can deliver VBR traffic, the burst traffic still has the possibility to be dropped due to network congestion. The cell loss can be minimized by using an enforced rate control method. However, the quality of the(More)
In this work, we present an efficient error resilient system against ATM cell loss using a hybrid error concealment and error propagation prevention (ECP) technique with dual-priority transmission scheme (DPTS). DPTS performs traffic policing to form dual-priority cells in ATM connections and manages to make most cell losses occur in a low priority layer.(More)
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