Jong-Taek Kim

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PURPOSE New rabies vaccine bait for both pets and raccoon dogs residing in Korea is needed to eradicate rabies infection among animals. In this study, we constructed a recombinant rabies virus (RABV), the ERAG3G strain, using a reverse genetics system. Then we investigated the efficacy of this strain in mice after oral administration and the safety of this(More)
Attempts were made to isolate and identify Korean bovine Babesia parasite. Blood samples were collected from Holstein cows in Korea, and Babesia parasites were propagated in SCID mice with circulating bovine red blood cells for isolation. The isolate was then antigenically and genotypically compared with several Japanese isolates. The Korean parasite was(More)
Aspergillus spp. are opportunistic pathogens which cause pulmonary aspergillosis in animals and humans with compromised immune systems. Two Eurasian black vultures (Aegypius monachus Linnaeus) were found dead or clinically ill from carbofuran insecticide during the winter of 2004. Carbofuran was detected in the stomach contents by gas chromatograph-mass(More)
To compare the antiangiogenic effects of tetraarsenic oxide (As4O6) with those of diarsenic oxide (As2O3) in the rat cornea, rat cornea micropocket assay was conducted to induce angiogenesis by implantation of the pellet contained 1.0 ng of nerve growth factor (NGF). Ten of thirty eyes of Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly assigned to one of three groups,(More)
In order to study the range of flight and feeding activity of Anopheles sinensis, the dispersal experiment was conducted in Paju city, located in the northern part of Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, during the period of 7th to 28th September 1998. Unfed females An. sinensis were collected in cowshed and released after being marked with fluorescent dye at(More)
Renal length, height, width, resistive index (RI), size of cortex, and medulla were determined by renal ultrasonography in 50 healthy Korean domestic short-hair cats. In the sagittal plane, the renal length was 3.83 +/- 0.51 cm (mean +/- SD) in the left kidney and 3.96 +/- 0.48 cm in the right kidney, whereas the renal height was 2.42 plusmn; 0.27 cm in the(More)
A 5-month-old female Korean Sapsaree dog was presented with severe ascites, cyanosis, respiratory difficulty and exercise intolerance. Diagnostic imaging studies revealed a dextropositioned and over-riding aorta, pulmonary valvular stenosis, ventricular and atrial septal defects, and right ventricular hypertrophy. Based on these findings, the dog was(More)
PURPOSE A new rabies vaccine for animals, including raccoon dogs, in Korea is needed to eradicate rabies infection. In this study, we constructed two recombinant adenoviruses expressing the glycoprotein or nucleoprotein of the rabies virus (RABV). We then investigated the safety and immunogenicity of these strains in raccoon dogs, depending on inoculation(More)
Water deer (Hydropotes inermis) are among the most common wildlife to approach farmhouses and livestock barns in Korea. We collected 305 water deer from Gangwon (n=168), South Chungcheong (n=89), and Gyeongsang (n=48) provinces in 2010-12 and used PCR and serologic tests to screen the deer for pathogens. In 2010, tests for bovine viral diarrhea virus(More)