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High-pressure noble gas jet injection is a mitigation technique which potentially satisfies the requirements of fast response time and reliability, without degrading subsequent discharges. Previously reported gas jet experiments on DIII-D showed good success at reducing deleterious disruption effects. In this paper, results of recent gas jet disruption(More)
Human urine, otherwise potentially polluting waste, is an universal unused resource in organic form disposed by the human body. We present for the first time "proof of concept" of a convenient, perhaps economically beneficial, and innovative template-free route to synthesize highly porous carbon containing heteroatoms such as N, S, Si, and P from human(More)
Carbon capsules with hollow core and mesoporous shell (HCMS) structures were used as a support material for Pt(50)-Ru(50) catalyst, and the catalytic performance of the HCMS supported catalyst in the direct methanol fuel cell was described; the HCMS carbon supported catalysts exhibited much higher specific activity for methanol oxidation than the commonly(More)
Here, we present oxygen-deficient black ZrO2-x as a new material for sunlight absorption with a low band gap around ~1.5 eV, via a controlled magnesiothermic reduction in 5% H2/Ar from white ZrO2, a wide bandgap(~5 eV) semiconductor, usually not considered for solar light absorption. It shows for the first time a dramatic increase in solar light absorbance(More)
We analyzed the electronic structures of carbon-doped hexagonal boron nitride, focusing on the comparison with the corresponding π-conjugate hydrocarbon molecules and odd-number substitution by first principle calculation. The band gaps are about the half that of the HOMO-LUMO gaps of corresponding hydrocarbons, except for the cis-butadiene structure in(More)
In the race of gaining higher energy density, carbon's capacity to retain power density is generally lost due to defect incorporation and resistance increment in carbon electrode. Herein, a relationship between charge carrier density/charge movement and supercapacitance performance is established. For this purpose we have incorporated the most defect-free(More)
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