Jong Soo Kim

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Temporal databases introduce the concept of time into underlying data, and provide built-in facilities that allow users to store and retrieve time-varying data. The aggregation in temporal databases, that is, temporal aggregation is an extension of conventional aggregation on the domain and range of aggregates to include time concept. Temporal aggregation(More)
This article explains causal relationships in conceptual models of mental health phenomena. Direct, moderating, mediating, and reciprocal effects among variables are defined, appropriate statistical analyses are described, and the correct interpretations of moderating versus mediating effects are discussed. Examples are provided that will help the reader to(More)
OBJECTIVE The effects of asymmetric directional microphone fittings (i.e., an omnidirectional microphone on one ear and a directional microphone on the other) on speech understanding in noise and acceptance of background noise were investigated in 15 full-time hearing aid users. DESIGN Subjects were fitted binaurally with four directional microphone(More)