Jong Shill Lee

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Nonlinear classifiers, e.g., support vector machines (SVMs) with radial basis function (RBF) kernels, have been used widely for automatic diagnosis of diseases because of their high accuracies. However, it is difficult to visualize the classifiers, and thus difficult to provide intuitive interpretation of results to physicians. We developed a new nonlinear(More)
Digital image processing refers to the process of digital images by means of digital computer. The main application area in digital image processing is to enhance the pictorial data for human interpretation. In image acquisition some of the unwanted information is present that will be removed by several preprocessing techniques. Filtering helps to enhance(More)
Objective: The heartbeat classification of the electrocardiogram is important in cardiac disease diagnosis. For detecting QRS complex, conventional detection algorithm have been designed to detect P, QRS, T wave, first. However, the detection of the P and T wave is difficult because their amplitudes are relatively low, and occasionally they are included in(More)
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