Jong Seung Park

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While pleural effusion in multiple myeloma is relatively infrequent, myelomatous pleural effusion is extremely rare. We experienced a 61-year-old woman with IgD-lambda multiple myeloma and pleural effusion. The diagnosis was made originally by pleural biopsy, pleural fluid cytology and immunoelectropheresis of pleural fluid. Transient improvement of the(More)
Image indexing is the process of image retrieval from databases of images or videos based on their contents. Specifically, histogram-based algorithms are considered to be effective for color image indexing. We suggest a new method of color space quantization in the CIELUV color space, named weighted LUV quantization. With this method, each bin in the LUV(More)
This paper presents a novel method of velocity eld estimation for the points on moving contours in a 2-D image sequence. The method determines the corresponding point in a next image frame by considering the curvature change of a given point on the contour. In traditional methods, there are errors in optical ow estimation for the points which have low(More)