Jong-Rong Chen

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Does devoting more academic research resources promote academic quality? This study aims to examine the influence of higher education R&D expenditure (HERD) on academic quality measured by the relative citation impact (RCI). Both the ordered Probit and panel data models are employed to implement the empirical estimation, the cross-country evidence suggests(More)
This paper investigates the relationship between R&D stock and productivity growth, while taking into account the effect of spatial spillovers. We propose a homogeneous dynamic panel data model and three heterogeneous dynamic panel data models to consider the individual effect as well as endogenous. We also distinguish between the estimated long-run and(More)
This paper studies the effects of the economic reforms on the Indian manufacturing industries. A nonparametric technique viz, Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is used in finding estimates of technical and scale efficiency changes before and after the 1991 reform initiatives. Our estimates suggest that efficiency of manufacturing industries during post-reform(More)
This paper proposes a simple model for multiple second-price auctions which run parallel to each other, in the sense that though they might not begin or end at the same time, they have certain periods of overlap. We characterize the equilibrium bidding strategy of the buyers and the equilibrium price of each auction. Last-minute bids arise naturally in the(More)
This study is intended to underline the importance of the role played by the cross-industry allocation of R&D resources, as indicated by several indices measuring R&D inequality, within the manufacturing industries of each country, and how it determines crosscountry productivity growth. In other words, the main debate is whether national R&D policies for(More)
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