Jong-Pil Lee

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Diagnosis techniques based on the dissolved gas analysis (DGA) have been developed to detect incipient faults in power transformer. There are various methods based on DGA such as IEC, Roger, Dornenburg, and etc. However, these methods have been applied on the different problems with different standards. Also, it is difficult to achieve the diagnosis with(More)
The combination of coupled inductors (CIs) and LCL filters can be a filter configuration to achieve high power density for high current applications. Frequency characteristics (i.e., resonance phenomenon) are changed according to the filter configuration and feedback currents (i.e., inverter-side or grid-side current) for current control loops. Therefore,(More)
Multiphase dc-dc converters are widely used in modern power electronics applications due to their advantages over single-phase converters. Such advantages include reduced current stress in both the switching devices and passive elements, reduced output current ripple, and so on. Although the output current ripple of a converter can be significantly reduced(More)