Jong Pal Kim

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In this paper, we investigated the validity of the WHAM (wearable heart activity monitor) in the clinical applications, which has been implemented as a wearable ambulatory device for continuously and long-term monitoring user's cardiac conditions. To this end, using the WHAM and the conventional Holter monitor the ECG signals over 24 hours were recorded(More)
This paper proposes a 3-channel biopotential monitoring ASIC with simultaneous electrode-tissue impedance measurements which allows real-time estimation of motion artifacts on each channel using an an external μC. The ASIC features a high performance instrumentation amplifier with fully integrated sub-Hz HPF rejecting rail-to-rail electrode-offset voltages.(More)
We compared the volume-oscillometric responses of the airbag pressure sensor and the contact force sensor across and along the radial artery on the wrist during partial pressurization by an airbag. Because of the anatomic structure and non-uniform pressurization pressure distribution, elongated and shifted oscillometric pressure waveform envelope variations(More)
In developing a wrist blood pressure monitor of high and reliable accuracy, the effect of different pressurization methods on the accuracy of blood pressure measurement at the wrist using oscillometry is investigated in this paper. 30 volunteers are recruited and blood pressure readings are taken with three different methods of pressurizing the wrist. It(More)
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