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In this paper, we describe a new bitmap indexing based technique to cluster XML documents. XML is a new standard for exchanging and representing information on the Internet. Documents can be hierarchically represented by XML-elements. XML documents are represented and indexed using a bitmap indexing technique. We define the similarity and popularity(More)
This paper addresses the problem of semantic query reformulation in the context of object-oriented deductive databases. It extends the declarative object-oriented speciications of F-logic proposed by Kifer and Lausen using the semantic query optimization technique developed by Chakravarthy, Grant, and Minker. In general, query processing in object-oriented(More)
| Although knowledge discovery is increasingly important in databases, discovered knowledge is not always useful to users. It is mainly because the discovered knowledge does not t user's interests, or it may be redundant or inconsistent with a priori knowledge. Knowledge discovery in databases depends critically on how well a database is characterized and(More)
The Earth Observing System (EOS) Data and Information System (EOSDIS) is perhaps one of the most important examples of large-scale, geographically distributed, and data intensive systems. This paper presents various facets of a data and information architecture for EOSDIS. EOS data is organized by means of an object-oriented schema, while EOS knowledge is(More)
The information on the web is growing at a very fast pace. In this ever-accumulating data, the volume of information represented in XML format is on the rise in recent times. An organization that puts forth its information on the web in XML format has several issues to take into account such as limiting the view of intended audience to only relevant(More)
This paper describes a bitmap indexing based technique to cluster XML documents. XML documents can be hierarchically represented by elements. To improve performance of information retrieval, documents can be indexed using bitmap techniques. Such a bitmap index is sparse, meaning it contains unnecessarily many zero bits, especially for the word dimension. To(More)
XML (extensible markup language) is fast becoming the de facto standard for information exchange over the Internet. As more and more sensitive information gets stored in the form of XML, proper access control to the XML documents becomes increasingly important. However, traditional access control methodologies that have been adapted for XML documents do not(More)