Jong-Mu Kim

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In this paper, we propose a TCP congestion window (CWND) tuning scheme which considers the resource allocation information of satellite link and the number of sessions. The proposed scheme sets TCP congestion window size by using satellite resource allocation information exchanged between TCP and the link layer and the number of session. To evaluate the(More)
We propose a scheduled resource allocation mechanism using cross-layer information exchange between application layer and link layer. The positioning information of satellite communication on the move (SOTM) node and the number of sessions are exchanged between two layers. To evaluate the performance, we implement a testbed for evaluation of proposed(More)
In this short paper, we propose a hybrid TCP PEP combined XOR coding with TCP Hybla on split PEP in satellite communication. To evaluate performance of the proposed protocol we set up a test bed of satellite communication network. As a result of performance evaluation of the proposed Hybrid TCP on split PEP, the file transmission speed improved more than(More)
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