Jong Min Won

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The Kirkendall effect and Ostwald ripening were successfully combined to prepare uniquely structured NiO aggregates. In particular, a NiO-C composite powder was first prepared using a one-pot spray pyrolysis, which was followed by a two-step post-treatment process. This resulted in the formation of micron-sized spherical and hollow-structured NiO aggregates(More)
ZnFe2O4 yolk-shell powders were prepared by applying a simple spray-drying process. Dextrin was used as a drying additive and carbon source material, and thus played a key role in the preparation of the powders. The combustion of precursor powders consisting of zinc and iron salts and dextrin obtained by a spray-drying process produced the(More)
The effects of physicochemical properties of Mn-Ti catalysts on O3 conversion were examined. The catalysts were prepared by a wet impregnation method that gave manganese supported on various commercial sources of TiO2. The properties of the catalysts were studied using physicochemical techniques, including Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) surface area analysis,(More)
Yolk-shell-structured Zn-Fe-S multicomponent sulfide materials with a 1:2 Zn/Fe molar ratio were prepared applying a sulfidation process to ZnFe2O4 yolk-shell powders. The Zn-Fe-S powders had mixed sphalerite (Zn,Fe)S and hexagonal FeS crystal structures. The discharge capacities of the Zn-Fe-S powders sulfidated at 350 °C at a constant current density of(More)
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