Jong Kyun Park

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Nine families of bivalve molluscs have undergone successful radiations in freshwater habitats, including three heterodont taxa: the Sphaeriidae, Corbiculidae, and Dreissenidae. Although the phylogenetic relationships of these freshwater heterodont families are controversial, most workers place the first two in the superfamily Corbiculoidea and assume that(More)
Insect communities along three elevation gradients on Mt. Seongak-san, South Korea, were investigated from May to September 2013 using traps in order to collect basic data for distributional monitoring of species in a forest ecosystem. A total of 2698 individuals of 309 moth species of 18 families were collected in bucket-light traps, along with 196(More)
Japanese beetle traps baited with the Popillia japonica Newman (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) pheromone lure and a eugenol feeding attractant were placed at five golf courses in Korea to determine how well they work for detecting activity of a closely related species, Popillia quadriguttata (F.) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), a turf pest in Korea. The traps also(More)
Direct-developing lineages of the intertidal marine bivalve Lasaea have colonized both upstream mainland (southeastern Florida) and downstream oceanic island (Bermuda) locations in the western North Atlantic. Replicate samples from these two regional populations, separated by about 1500 km of open ocean, were sequenced for a 655-nucleotide portion of the(More)
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