Jong Kyu Jung

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A single-tap concentric photogate pixel of 28 μm pitch is developed for application to time-of-flight (ToF) three dimension (3D) image sensors. The 198×108 ToF pixel array exhibits demodulation contrast higher than 50% and distance error less than 1%, over 1 to 7 m range using 20MHz modulation of 850 nm light emitting diode (LED) illumination.
A small-scale laboratory adaptive optics system using a Shack-Hartmann wave-front sensor (WFS) and a membrane deformable mirror (DM) has been built for robust image acquisition. In this study, an adaptive limited control technique is devised to maintain the long-term correction stability of the adaptive optics system. To prevent the waste of dynamic(More)
The influence of impurities on the N NQR lineshape of Na1_^AgcN02 and [NaN02],_,[BN03]^ (B = Na, K) at room temperature has been investigated. Carrying out spectral analysis in conjunction with classification of the local field inhomogeneities according to the structurally isomorphic, Na]_xAgxN02, and anisomorphic [NaNO^.JBNC^b systems, enabled an(More)
Ag-impurity effects on the first- and second-order quadrupole interaction (QI) at 23Na site in an isomorphic mixed system, Na(1-x)Ag(x)NO2 (x = 0, 0.0084, 0.026, 0.079, 0.094, 0.16), have been investigated by employing 23Na (I = 3/2) magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance (MAS NMR) technique. The central transition (CT) and satellite transition(More)
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