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Imaging with 99mTc ECDG targeted at the multifunctional glucose transport system: feasibility study with rodents.
PURPOSE To evaluate the feasibility of technetium 99m ((99m)Tc) ethylenedicysteine-deoxyglucose (ECDG) imaging in tumor-bearing rodents. MATERIALS AND METHODS ECDG was synthesized by means ofExpand
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MR evaluation of the "arcuate" sign of posterolateral knee instability.
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate associated knee injuries using MR imaging in patients with the "arcuate" sign, a term referring to avulsion fracture of the proximal fibula onExpand
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Toward Live Migration of SGX-Enabled Virtual Machines
We identify challenges for live migration of the SGX-enabled VMs. Expand
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Imaging with 99 mTc ECDG Targeted at the Multifunctional Glucose Transport System : Feasibility Study with Rodents 1
1 From the Divisions of Diagnostic Imaging (D.J.Y., C.G.K., A.A., D.F.Y., C.S.O., J.L.B., J.J.W., E.E.K., D.A.P.) and Radiation Oncology (N.R.S.), University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center,Expand
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Tibial plateau erosions associated with lateral meniscal cysts
Abstract Although meniscal cysts are common, erosions of bone caused by these cysts are quite rare. We report MR imaging findings of two cases in which lateral meniscal cysts resulted in erosion ofExpand
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CAFE: A Virtualization-Based Approach to Protecting Sensitive Cloud Application Logic Confidentiality
We present a novel system named CAFE for cloud infrastructures where sensitive software logic can be executed with high secrecy protected from any piracy or reverse engineering attempts in a virtual machine even when its operating system kernel is compromised. Expand
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A tiny hypervisor-based trusted geolocation framework with minimized TPM operations
We propose a novel trusted geolocation framework for the cloud user device on a tiny hypervisor. Expand
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Text independent speaker verification using modular neural network
This work addresses the data balancing problem of the existing neural network based speaker verification methods, and proposes new method using modular neural network. Expand
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TAaaS: Trustworthy Authentication as a Service Based on Trusted Path
We present TAaaS, Trustworthy Authentication as a Service, which offers a trusted path-based MFA service to the service provider in the cloud. Expand
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