Jong-Hyun Hwang

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Fresh ginseng was fermented with Ganoderma lucidum mycelium (GL) in solid-state culture to enhance its immunomodulatory activity. When crude polysaccharide (FG-GL-CP) was fractionated from lyophilized fermented ginseng (FG-GL), FG-GL-CP showed significantly higher mitogenic, macrophage stimulating, and intestinal immune system modulating activity (1.52-,(More)
BACKGROUND Implant surgery has become popular with the advance of surgical techniques such as sinus lifting, guided bone regeneration, and block bone graft. However, there were no data about the frequency of bone graft during implant surgery. The purpose of this study was to report the frequency and types of bone graft depending on dental implant patients'(More)
BACKGROUND Osteoradionecrosis is the most dreadful complication after head and neck irradiation. Orocutaneous fistula makes patients difficult to eat food. Fibular free flap is the choice of the flap for mandibular reconstruction. Osteocutaneous flap can reconstruct both hard and soft tissues simultaneously. This study was to investigate the success rate(More)
An intestinal immune system modulating polysaccharide (CUI-3IIb-3-2, 18kDa) was purified from Citrus unshiu peel. CUI-3IIb-3-2 mainly comprised GalA, GlcA, Ara, Gal and Rha, and it consisted of 4-linked GalA, terminal Araf, 4- or 5-linked/3,4- or 3,5-branched Ara, terminal Gal, and 2-linked/2,4-branched Rha. After CUI-3IIb-3-2 digestion by(More)
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