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KORAIL carries out an improvement project of railway signaling system for the conventional line from the existing method which permits a train to move within limited speed the ground signal of ATS(Automatic Train Stop) system. The proposed system makes possible that a train can be driven using a speed profile created by onboard signaling system(ATP) with(More)
In wireless communication systems, the use of multiple antennas at both the transmitter and receiver is a widely known method for improving both reliability and data rates, as it increases the former through transmit or receive diversity and the latter by spatial multiplexing. In order to detect signals, channel state information (CSI) is typically required(More)
Interlocking system is the device by which devices such as the signal, point machine and track circuit, etc. can be operated by linking mutually with the logic generated mechanically, electrically or by software for safe and rapid train operation and vehicle shunting within the station yard. In case where there is any malfunctioning in the interlocking(More)
Electrical Railroads provide electric power, which can operate vehicles, via feeder wires. And the supplied current returns to the transformer substation through lines and ground net. The used load current depending on the railway vehicles operation returns to the substation through a track which is a return circuit. The load current contains harmonics(More)
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