Jong Hwan Suh

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Many methods have been developed to recognize those progresses of technologies, and one of them is to analyze patent information. And visualization methods are considered to be proper for representing patent information and its analysis results. However, current visualization methods for patent analysis patent maps have some drawbacks. Therefore, we propose(More)
As the Internet has been the virtual place where citizens are united and their opinions are promptly shifted into the action, two way communications between the government sector and the citizen have been more important among activities of e-Government. Hence, Anti-corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) in the Republic of Korea has constructed the(More)
In the Internet, the digital format of most contents has led to its increased piracy because of the ease of copying and sharing the digital contents. Moreover, the advent of new technologies such as ubiquitous computing seems to cause problems of piracy even more than before. Likewise it's going to be a more critical issue to control and manage rights of(More)
In recent years, the anonymous nature of the Internet has made it difficult to detect manipulated user reputations in social media, as well as to ensure the qualities of users and their posts. To deal with this, this study designs and examines an automatic approach that adopts writing style features to estimate user reputations in social media. Under(More)