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Mobility support in content centric networks
Content-centric networking (CCN) is designed for efficient dissemination of information. Expand
Sliding mode control for trajectory tracking of nonholonomic wheeled mobile robots
We propose a robust tracking control of nonholonomic wheeled mobile robots using sliding mode for asymptotically stabilizing them to a desired trajectory. Expand
A real-time limit-cycle navigation method for fast mobile robots and its application to robot soccer
  • Dong-Han Kim, Jong-Hwan Kim
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • Robotics Auton. Syst.
  • 31 January 2003
In this paper, a novel limit-cycle navigation method is proposed for a fast mobile robot using the limit cycle characteristics of a 2nd-order nonlinear function. Expand
Online recurrent extreme learning machine and its application to time-series prediction
  • J. Park, Jong-Hwan Kim
  • Computer Science
  • International Joint Conference on Neural Networks…
  • 1 May 2017
We propose a modified version of OS-ELM, called online recurrent extreme learning machine, which is able to adjust input weights and can be applied to learn RNN, by applying ELM-auto-encoder and a normalization method called layer normalization (LN). Expand
Robust adaptive stick-slip friction compensation
In this paper, a robust adaptive tracking control scheme is proposed for compensation of the stick-slip friction in a mechanical servo system. Expand
Adaptive fuzzy-network-based C-measure map-matching algorithm for car navigation system
In this paper, a novel adaptive-fuzzy-network-based C-measure algorithm is proposed, which can find the exact road on which a car moves. Expand
A two-layered fuzzy logic controller for systems with deadzones
We propose a novel two-layered fuzzy logic controller for controlling systems with deadzones. Expand
Modular Q-learning based multi-agent cooperation for robot soccer
Modular Q-learning is one of the reinforcement learning schemes, where the mediator module selects the proper action of a robot based on the Q-value obtained from each learning module. Expand
Efficient content delivery in mobile ad-hoc networks using CCN
We present a novel energy efficient content distribution scheme that delivers the content in a unicast manner while minimizing flooding overhead by taking advantage of ICN features. Expand
Fast and Robust Face Detection Using Evolutionary Pruning
This paper proposes evolutionary pruning to reduce the number of weak classifiers in AdaBoost-based cascade detector, while maintaining the detection accuracy. Expand