Jong-Hwa Lee

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Designed RGC TIA circuit was simulated on the basis of 0.25 mum CMOS process using HSPICE. Supply voltage is 2.5 V. Power consumption of the whole circuit is 16 mW. Mid-band transimpedance (TIA) gain of TIA is 60.1 dBOmega and -3 dB bandwidth is satisfied with photodiode capacitance and the average noise current spectral density of 18.9 pA/sqrt(Hz). TIA(More)
Lane detection plays a key role in the vision-based driver assistance system and is used for vehicle navigation, lateral control, collision prevention, or lane departure warning system. In this paper, we present an adaptive method for detecting lane marking based on the intensity of road images in night scene which is the cause of numerous accidents. First,(More)
In this paper, we propose the modified SECAM video encoder and decoder system. The SECAM broadcasting standard uses frequency modulation (FM) to transmit the Db and Dr color difference information with each component having its own sub-carrier. The SECAM encoder system requires an anti-cloche filter recommended by ITU-R BT.470. However, the design of the(More)
OBJECT Although the reported surgical outcome is favorable, there is little information regarding the long-term quality of life in pediatric patients with moyamoya disease (MMD) when they grow to adulthood. The authors conducted a survey to provide details of social adaptation and satisfaction in adults who underwent revascularization surgery for MMD during(More)
OBJECTIVE We evaluated the usefulness of graded compression sonography with the adjuvant use of a posterior manual compression technique for detection of the vermiform appendix and the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Five hundred seventy consecutive patients referred for suspected acute appendicitis were prospectively examined by(More)
In this paper, we proposed the method to prevent sudden acceleration occurred in a vehicle when drivers put into gear. By controlling the oil pressure of the transmission, the engine can be safely controlled and the power is not transmitted into wheels on the condition of the sudden start. The TCU (transmission control unit) can control the oil pressure(More)