Jong Hun Choi

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—Main memory as a hybrid between DRAM and non-volatile memory is rapidly considered as a basic building block of computing systems. Despite widely-performed researches no one can confirm whether hybrid memory is at its full performance in terms of energy consumption, time delay or both. The main problem is that evaluating their performance in comparison(More)
The advent of manycore in computing architecture causes severe energy consumption and memory wall problem. Thus, emerging technologies such as on-chip memory and nonvolatile memory (NVRAM) have led to a paradigm shift in computing architecture era. For instance, nonvolatile memories like PRAM can be viable DRAM replacements, achieving competitive speeds at(More)
Few studies have investigated Seomae mugwort (a Korean native mugwort variety of Artemisia argyi H. Lév. & Vaniot), exclusively cultivated in the southern Korean peninsula, and the possibility of its use as a food resource. In the present study, we compared the nutritional and chemical properties as well as sensory attributes of Seomae mugwort and the(More)
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