Jong-Hoon Park

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Human peroxiredoxins 1 and 2, also known as Prx1 and Prx2, are more than 90% homologous in their amino acid sequences. Prx1 and Prx2 are elevated in various cancers and are shown to influence diverse cellular processes. Although their growth regulatory role has traditionally been attributed to the peroxidase activity, the physiological significance of this(More)
Synovial chondromatosis of the knee joint rarely develops in the posterior septum. Such cases are difficult to treat arthroscopically since the posterior septum is not readily accessible via standard portals. We report two cases of localized synovial chondromatosis in the posterior septum. We used a posterior trans-septal portal to arthroscopically remove(More)
Apigenin, one of the most common flavonoids, has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, and free radical-scavenging properties. However, the influence of apigenin on the immunostimulatory effects and maturation of dendritic cells (DC) remains, for the most part, unknown. In this study, we have attempted to ascertain whether apigenin(More)
Tamoxifen resistance is often observed in the majority of estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers and it remains as a serious clinical problem in breast cancer management. Increased aerobic glycolysis has been proposed as one of the mechanisms for acquired resistance to chemotherapeutic agents in breast cancer cells such as adriamycin. Herein, we report(More)
Obligately commensal interaction between a new gram-negative thermophile and a thermophilic Bacillus strain was investigated. From compost samples, a mixed culture showing tyrosine phenol-lyase activity was enriched at 60°C. The mixed culture consisted of a thermophilic gram-negative strain, SC-1, and a gram-positive spore-forming strain, SK-1. In mixed(More)
BACKGROUND Blood loss occurs significantly more frequently during total hip and knee arthroplasty than among any other type of orthopedic operation, which can sometimes lead to requiring a blood transfusion. Although allogeneic blood transfusion has been identified as a risk factor for postoperative surgical-site infection following arthroplasty, results(More)
Equalized rectangular extension and flexion gaps are considered desirable to ensure proper kinematics in total knee arthroplasty (TKA). We compared soft tissue balancing in TKAs performed using navigation-assisted gap-balancing (60 knees) and conventional measured resection (56 knees). The outlier of soft tissue balancing was defined as a gap difference >3(More)
The influence of soft tissue balancing on femoral component rotation in the gap technique remains unclear. The present study therefore compared the reliability of femoral component rotation determined by rectangular and trapezoidal gaps in total knee arthroplasty (TKA) using a navigation-assisted gap-balancing technique. The study also determined the(More)
To compare postural stability in patients with isolated anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears and ACL tears with associated meniscal tears. Quadriceps and hamstring muscle strength and their ratio, as well as the relationships of these parameters with postural stability, were compared in 23 patients with isolated ACL tears and 27 with combined ACL and(More)