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Equalized rectangular extension and flexion gaps are considered desirable to ensure proper kinematics in total knee arthroplasty (TKA). We compared soft tissue balancing in TKAs performed using navigation-assisted gap-balancing (60 knees) and conventional measured resection (56 knees). The outlier of soft tissue balancing was defined as a gap difference >3(More)
HT008-1 is one of the most effective multiherb mixtures that have neuroprotective effects in traditional Korean medicine. The purpose of this study was to conduct a clinical trial of the efficacy of HT008-1 on the neuropsychological functioning and quality of life (QoL) in cognitively intact adults. One hundred and eighteen male (n - 42) and female (n = 76)(More)
Chondroblastoma of the proximal tibia is difficult to treat because of its epiphyseal predilection. This condition can be treated by curettage, which results in immediate restoration of stability and a reduced recurrence rate, followed by cement filling of the bone defect. Nevertheless, contact with cement can damage articular cartilage, potentially leading(More)
Fibrocartilaginous dysplasia (FCD) has occasionally led to a misdiagnosis and wrong decision which can significantly alter the outcome of the patients. A 9-yr-old boy presented with pain on his left distal thigh for 6 months without any trauma history. Initial radiographs showed moth eaten both osteolytic and osteosclerotic lesions and biopsy findings(More)
We report a case of localized nodular synovitis of the infrapatellar fat pad impinging on the patellofemoral joint causing limitation of extension. Arthroscopy involved use of a superolateral portal because location of lesion hindered access via a conventional anterior portal. The infrapatellar mass impinged in the patellofemoral joint upon knee extension(More)
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