Jong Hee Kang

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Location-aware systems are proliferating on a variety of platforms from laptops to cell phones. Locations are expressed in two principal ways: coordinates and landmarks. However, users are often more interested in "places" rather than locations. A place is a locale that is important to an individual user and carries important semantic meanings such as being(More)
Ubiquitous computing applications collect information from a variety of sources so as to provide behavior that is tailored to the user's context. Typically, client devices connect through appropriate middleware and wireless infrastructure to a variety of services and data sources and, increasingly, local sensor data. In this paper, we present a different(More)
We explored poly(4-vinylimidazole) (P4V) as a nonviral gene carrier. We show that P4V can form DNA condensates of small size (<110 nm) using a dye-exclusion assay with ethidium bromide and dynamic light scattering, and that the complexes form in a pH-sensitive manner, due to the amphotericity of the polymer. P4V was demonstrated to lead to transfection in(More)
Labscape, a ubiquitous computing environment for cell biologists, was implemented twice: once using only standard tools for distributed systems (TCP sockets, and shared file systems) and once using, a runtime system designed specifically to support ubiquitous applications. The application is analyzed in terms of the system properties that are(More)
Ubiquitous computing requires ready access to information that is relevant to users' context – especially information relevant to their current location. Applications on our personal devices should be able to autonomously and continuously harvest the information provided at that location and interrupt us only when it is important to do so. Currently, client(More)
UNLABELLED Stent implantation with balloon angioplasty is a widely used treatment for coronary artery diseases. Stents have been developed from bare metal stent (BMS) to advanced forms such as drug-eluting stent (DES). However, modern DES still causes thrombosis and/or in-stent restenosis as long-term outcomes. For effective prevention of these problems, we(More)
Applications and services in ubiquitous computing systems often interact in a context-dependent, reactive manner. How information flows, and what services communicate when, is determined by the context of the physical space, the context of users, and the services that are available. Existing discovery systems provide basic facilities for finding services(More)
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