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The objective of this study was to evaluate the biogenetic temperament and character profiles in Korean adolescents with problematic Internet use. Six hundred eighty-six high school students completed the Internet Addiction Test (IAT), Junior Temperament and Character Inventory (JTCI), and Conners/Wells Adolescent Self-Report Scale: Short Form (CASS:(More)
This paper presents a relaxation labeling process with the newly defined compatibility measure for solving a general nonrigid point matching problem. In the literature, there exists a point matching method using relaxation labeling; however, the compatibility coefficient takes a binary value of zero or one depending on whether a point and a neighbor have(More)
In this paper, we developed a methodology for estimating three parameters of tissue inclusion: size, depth, and Young's modulus from the tactile data obtained at the tissue surface with the tactile sensation imaging system. The estimation method consists of the forward algorithm using finite element method, and inversion algorithm using artificial neural(More)
The objective of this study was to examine the associations between symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, and suicide in Korean female adolescents. It was hypothesized that the relationship between ADHD symptoms and suicidal ideation would be mediated by the level of depressive symptoms. Seven hundred and eighty-eight high(More)
In usual evolutionary computation (EC) is not effective for local search, but efficient for global search due to its probabilistic operators. This problem becomes worse in the interactive EC (IEC) applications, which have the generation length limitation caused by user evaluation. To solve that, this paper proposes direct manipulation (DM) method, well(More)
In this paper we investigated a novel tactile sensation imaging method using a flexible, transparent waveguide and the total internal reflection principle. The developed sensor is used to detect and identify inclusions within tissues. To test the performance of the proposed sensor , a realistic tissue phantom with hard inclusions (tumor models) is(More)
Elasticity is an important indicator of tissue health, with increased stiffness pointing to an increased risk of cancer. We investigated a tissue inclusion characterization method for the application of early breast tumor identification. A tactile sensation imaging system (TSIS) is developed to capture images of the embedded lesions using total internal(More)
—A novel tactile imaging sensor, that is capable of measuring the elasticity of the touched object, is designed, implemented, and tested. In the proposed sensor, a multi-layer Polydimethylsiloxane optical waveguide has been fabricated as the sensing probe. The light is illuminated at the critical angle to totally reflect within the flexible and transparent(More)
We consider the application of multi-objective statistical game theory to a remote sensing satellite attitude control. Statistical game theory is a generalization of mixed H2/H∞ control, where we have two objective functions and we optimize the higher order cumulants of these objective functions. We use previously developed satellite attitude model with(More)
Early detection of breast tumor is critical in determining the best possible treatment approach. Due to its superiority compared with mammography in its possibility to detect lesions in dense breast tissue, ultrasound imaging has become an important modality in breast tumor detection and classification. This paper discusses the novel Fourier-based shape(More)