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Loss of MAFB Function in Humans and Mice Causes Duane Syndrome, Aberrant Extraocular Muscle Innervation, and Inner-Ear Defects.
It is demonstrated that selectively disrupting abducens nerve development is sufficient to cause secondary innervation of the lateral rectus muscle by aberrant oculomotor nerve branches, which form at developmental decision regions close to target extraocular muscles.
Mutant &agr;2-chimaerin signals via bidirectional ephrin pathways in Duane retraction syndrome
A role for ephrin bidirectional signaling upstream of mutant &agr;2-chimaerin in DRS is revealed, which may contribute to the selective vulnerability of abducens motor neurons in this disorder.
Ocular Motor Nerve Development in the Presence and Absence of Extraocular Muscle
It is found that EOMs are not necessary for initial outgrowth and guidance of ocular motor axons from the brainstem to the orbit but are required for their terminal branching and survival.