Jong-Eun Lee

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Recently many coarse-grain reconfigurable architectures have emerged as programmable co-processors, considerably relieving the burden of the main processors in many multimedia applications. While their very high degree of parallelism enables high performance in compute-intensive loops, their shared memory interface between several processing elements often(More)
Application-specific instructions can significantly improve the performance, energy-efficiency, and code size of configurable processors. While generating new instructions from application-specific operation patterns has been a common way to improve the instruction set (IS) of a configurable processor , automating the design of IS's for given applications(More)
BACKGROUND MPG is a cell-permeable peptide with proven efficiency to deliver macromolecular cargoes into cells. In this work, we examined the efficacy of MPG as an N-terminal tag in a fusion protein to deliver a protein cargo and its mechanism of transduction. RESULTS We examined transduction of MPG-EGFP fusion protein by live imaging, flow cytometry,(More)
We designed a novel cell-permeable peptide, LDP12, from the human papillomavirus L1 capsid protein. In this work, we examined the mechanism of cellular entry by LDP12 and its efficacy as a potential carrier of protein cargoes. The 12-mer peptide linked to FITC freely enters various types of mammalian cells within a few minutes via an endocytic pathway, as(More)
Design of modern embedded systems has become extremely challenging due to multi-dimensional and stringent design constraints like performance, cost, weight, power, real-time, time-to-market and size. Such systems typically feature low power processors coupled with fast on-chip scratchpad memories (SPMs). Scratchpads are more efficient than caches in terms(More)
To obtain intact and full-length RNA transcripts of onion (Allium cepa), long-read sequencing technology was first applied. Total RNAs extracted from four tissues; flowers, leaves, bulbs and roots, of red–purple and yellow-colored onions (A. cepa) were sequenced using long-read sequencing (RSII platform, P4-C2 chemistry). The 99,247 polished high-quality(More)
OBJECTIVES There are several hospitals in Korea that introduced the ICNP (International Classification for Nursing Practice) as the standard terminology for clinical and home care nursing. This research attempted to determine the appropriateness of ICNP in Korean, hospital based, home care nursing. METHODS The data was collected from a home care nursing(More)
The pursuit for higher performance and higher power-efficiency in computing has led to the evolution of multi-core processor architectures. Early multi-core processors primarily used the shared memory multi-processing paradigm. However, the conventional shared memory architecture, due to its limited scalability becomes a performance bottleneck. Newer(More)
Today's embedded processors face multi-faceted challenges in the form of stringent performance, area, power and time-to-market requirements. There is a perpetual demand for embedded processors with lower power, yet higher performance, especially in personal wireless communication and multimedia domains. The 2's complement number system imposes a fundamental(More)
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