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Colloquium : Saturation of electrical resistivity
Resistivity saturation is observed in many metallic systems with large resistivities---when the resistivity has reached a critical value, its further increase with temperature is substantially
Solution of electric-field-driven tight-binding lattice coupled to fermion reservoirs
Electrons in tight-binding lattice driven by DC electric field dissipate their energy through on-site fermionic thermostats. Due to the translational invariance in the transport direction, the
Strong superconductivity with local Jahn-Teller phonons in C60 solids.
It is demonstrated that the Jahn-Teller phonons create a local (intramolecular) pairing which is surprisingly resistant to the Coulomb repulsion, despite the weakness of retardation in these low-bandwidth systems.
Ferromagnetic spin coupling as the origin of 0.7 anomaly in quantum point contacts.
We study one-dimensional itinerant electron models with ferromagnetic coupling to investigate the origin of the 0.7 anomaly in quantum point contacts. Linear conductance calculations from the quantum
Imaginary-time formulation of steady-state nonequilibrium: application to strongly correlated transport.
The imaginary-time formulation of the equilibrium quantum many-body theory is extended to steady-state nonequilibrium with an application to strongly correlated transport in the Kondo regime using the quantum Monte Carlo method.
Using the quantum Monte Carlo technique we compute thermodynamics and spectra for the orbitally degenerate Hubbard model in infinite spatial dimensions. With increasing orbital degeneracy we find in
Imaginary-time formulation of steady-state nonequilibrium in quantum dot models
We examine the recently proposed imaginary-time formulation for strongly correlated steady-state nonequilibrium for its range of validity and discuss significant improvements in the analytic
Retardation effects and the Coulomb pseudopotential in the theory of superconductivity
In the theory of electron-phonon superconductivity both the magnitude of the electron-phonon coupling $\ensuremath{\lambda}$ and the Coulomb pseudopotential ${\ensuremath{\mu}}^{*}$ are important to
Electric-Field-Driven Resistive Switching in the Dissipative Hubbard Model.
Hysteretic I-V curves suggest that the nonequilibrium current is carried through a spatially inhomogeneous metal-insulator mixed state, predicting a nonmonotonic upper switching field due to an interplay of particle renormalization and the field-driven temperature.
In-plane uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in (Ga, Mn)As due to local lattice distortions around Mn²⁺ ions.
It is shown that the tetrahedral symmetry around the Mn(2+) ion is spontaneously broken and that local Jahn-Teller distortions coupled with growth strain result in uniaxial magnetic anisotropy.