Jong-Dug Shin

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— To date, all of the proposals for burst-scheduling techniques have considered scheduling individual bursts. We introduce a new scheme called OBS group scheduling. In this approach, a burst is represented by an interval of time. The process of scheduling a number of bursts, thus, turns to be a process of fitting a set of the corresponding time intervals on(More)
We propose a new burst scheduling mechanism for Optical Burst-Switched (OBS) networks. The new approach is made possible by gathering data bursts into groups and performing the scheduling decision for each group collectively. In OBS group-scheduling, bursts will not be considered for scheduling until a pre-defined time period elapses, during which the group(More)
The problem of operation and maintenance (OAM) in optical burst switched (OBS) networks is not addressed by the optical-networking community even though OBS has been gaining research interest in recent years. In this paper, we introduce a functional model of OBS networks and an OAM architecture that is designed to meet the operational requirements based on(More)
THRESHOLDS Modeling and Analysis of HTTP Traffic Yogesh Bhole and Adrian Popescu PAPERS Framework for Operation and Maintenance (OAM) in Optical Burst Switched Networks S. Charcranoon, Tarek El-Bawab, Jong-Dug Shin, and Hakki Sankaya Backward Inference in Bayesian Networks for Distributed Systems Management Jianguo Ding, Bernd Kramer, Yingcai Bai, and(More)
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