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Satellite detection of harmful algal bloom occurrences in Korean waters
Abstract Cochlodinium polykrikoides ( p ) is a planktonic dinoflagellate known to produce red tides responsible for massive fish kills and thereby serious economic loss in Korean coastal waters,Expand
Stream modification patterns in a river basin: Field survey and self-organizing map (SOM) application
In this study, stream modifications were surveyed in order to discover the relationships between geographical characteristics, human population distribution, and artificial stream alteration in the Nakdong River system, South Korea. Expand
Cochlodinium polykrikoides red tide detection in the South Sea of Korea using spectral classification of MODIS data
To distinguish true red tide water (particularly Cochlodinium polykrikoides blooms) from non-red tide water (false satellite high chlorophyll water) in the South Sea of Korea, we developed aExpand
Complete mitochondrial genome of the endangered flower chafer Osmoderma opicum (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)
Abstract The flower chafer Osmoderma opicum (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) has been listed in Korea as a class II endangered wild species. The 15 341-bp complete mitochondrial genome (mitogenome) of theExpand
Landscape Analysis to Assess the Impact of Development Projects on Forests
The consistent demand for development of forest lands in South Korea has resulted in the need for a new approach to estimate environmental impacts in order to sustainably manage forests. In thisExpand
The Validation of Landsat TM Band Ratio Algorithm using In-water Optical Measurement
Landsat TM band ratio algorithms were made by in-water optical measurement data of each sampling points for water quality monitoring of coastal area using Landsat TM satellite data. The algorithm wasExpand
Dynamics of soil salinity and vegetation in a reclaimed area in Saemangeum, Republic of Korea
Abstract The dynamics of soil salinity and vegetation in a reclaimed area in Saeamangeum were analyzed. The soil salinity, as measured by electric conductivity (EC) was monitored from 2014 (4 yearsExpand
Community structure and distribution of ground beetles (Coleoptera: Carabidae) in Sobaeksan National Park, Korea
The ground beetles collected during the investigation period were nine subfamilies, 24 genera, 51 species, and 3504 ground beetles. Species richness was high in Pterostichinae has 24 species (47%),Expand
Current status of Korean streams and exploring areas with high necessity for stream structure restoration
Stream restoration is an important process affecting the ecological health of stream ecosystems. There have been numerous cases of restoration, dealing with either structural or biological changes.Expand
The Analysis Method of Landscape Fragmentation using Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
The various spatial structure of biological habitat has tighten relationship with biodiversity. Due to increasing of population, development of agriculture and urban structure, various change ofExpand