Jong-Cheol Seo

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Plant growth-promoting endophytic fungi with gibberellin-producing ability were isolated from the roots of Carex kobomugi Ohwi, a common sand-dune plant, and bioassayed for plant growth-promotion. A new strain, Arthrinium phaeospermum KACC43901, promoted growth of waito-c rice and Atriplex gemelinii. Analysis of its culture filtrate showed the presence of(More)
For QoS guaranteed DiffServ-over-MPLS connection provisioning in multi-domain networks, the managed objects in each domain should be globally standardized and publicly accessible by other NMSs. And each NMS participating in the inter-domain networking should negotiate with other NMSs for end-to-end service provisioning. In this paper, we propose SLA(More)
Many mission-critical applications such as video conferencing, video telephony cannot reliably run on today's networks if only best-effort packet forwarding is used. In order to provide QoS-guaranteed DiffServ-over- MPLS service across multiple domain networks, each NMS should be able to collect all the related information and negotiate SLA with other(More)
In order to provide QoS-guaranteed differentiated service across multiple domain networks, network management with inter-AS (autonomous system) traffic engineering is essential. For the inter-AS traffic engineering among different network providers, the managed objects of inter-AS traffic engineering should be standardized in public domain, and should be(More)
In the realtime multimedia communication, various multimedia terminals with different processing capabilities (i.e. desktop PC vs. PDA) must be considered. In the transit networking, the on-demand multimedia connection requests must be carefully controlled with connection admission control (CAC) and hierarchical traffic grooming function for guaranteed QoS(More)
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