Jong Chang Jang

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OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to evaluate the usefulness of the intra-adnexal and extra-adnexal computed tomographic (CT) features in identifying adnexal torsion. PATIENTS AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed CT examinations of 38 adnexal masses with torsion and 270 without torsion, which has been surgicopathologically confirmed. The CT(More)
We demonstrate an advanced ReRAM based analog artificial synapse for neuromorphic systems. Nitrogen doped TiN/PCMO based artificial synapse is proposed to improve the performance and reliability of the neuromorphic systems by using simple identical spikes. For the first time, we develop fully unsupervised learning with proposed analog synapses which is(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although MR imaging is considered the most effective method to confirm a diagnosis of WE, MR imaging studies designed to distinguish WE between NA and AL patients have yielded controversial results. The purpose of this study was to determine potential differences in MR imaging features between AL and NA patients with WE and to compare(More)
Quasi-ballistic transport in nanoscale high-k/metal gate nMOSFETs is investigated by RF S-parameter analysis. A simple experimental method based on RF S-parameter is used for direct extraction of device parameters (L<sub>eff</sub>, C<sub>gc</sub>, R<sub>SD</sub>) and the effective carrier velocity (v<sub>eff</sub>) from targeted short channel devices. The(More)
This experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of dietary energy levels on the physiological parameters and reproductive performance of gestating first parity sows. A total of 52 F1 gilts (Yorkshire×Landrace) were allocated to 4 dietary treatments using a completely randomized design. Each treatment contained diets with 3,100, 3,200, 3,300, or(More)
This experiment was conducted to evaluate anti-Salmonella enteritidis (anti-SE) bacteriophage as feed additives to prevent Salmonella enteritidis in broilers. The experimental diets were formulated for 2 phases feeding trial, and 3 different levels (0.05, 0.1 and 0.2%) of anti-SE bacteriophage were supplemented in basal diet. The basal diet was regarded as(More)
This experiment was conducted to assess the welfare and productivity of gestating gilts in groups with the electronic sow feeding (ESF) system compared to conventional stalls. A total of 83 gilts (Yorkshire×Landrace) were housed into individual stalls to be artificially inseminated. Gilts confirmed pregnant were introduced to their treatment, conventional(More)
Lymphangiomas are benign tumors resulting from a congenital lymphatic malformation in infant and children. Most common sites are head, neck and axilla, and scrotal lymphangioma is very rare. Lymphangiomas are classified as capillary, cavernous, and cystic type and cystic type is most common. Complete surgical excision is definitive treatment and incomplete(More)
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