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ABSTRACT In this paper, we present a fully scalable 3-D overcomplete wavelet video coder that employs a new and highly efficient 3D lifting structure for adaptive motion compensated temporal filtering (MCTF). Unlike the conventional interframe wavelet video techniques that apply MCTF on the spatial domain video data and then encode the resulting temporally(More)
Comparison of single and multiple dose pharmacokinetics between patches and conventional tablets of Huperzine A (Hup-A) was performed in beagle dogs to evaluate the patches' controlled drug release characteristics in vivo, a newly developed transdermal system for treatment of Alzheimer disease. Results showed that transdermal administration of Hup-A(More)
The facial skin of 354 women, aged 18-80, living in Shanghai, was investigated over two successive 6-month periods, summer and winter. Results from clinical assessments indicate that aging signs, such as wrinkling and sagging, are unaffected over such period. However, physical measurements revealed alterations in some functional criteria of the skin, such(More)
The amorphous nature of metallic glasses and their mechanical properties make them interesting for structural applications. However, the interplay between the nature of atomic structures in metallic glasses and mechanical properties remains poorly understood. In this study, high-frequency dynamic micropillar tests have been used to probe both atomic(More)
AIM To study Pharmacokinetical profile of weekly transdermal estradiol controlled delivery system (E2-WTCDS) in 18 Chinese postmenopausal women. METHODS Single and multiple daily doses of E2-WTCDS were applied to an area of intact skin on the lower abdomen, using Estraderm TTS (E2-TTS) from Ciba-Geigy Company as control. E2 concentration in serum was(More)
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