Jong-Bok Roh

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The development of a universal influenza vaccine that provides broad cross protection against existing and unforeseen influenza viruses is a critical challenge. In this study, we constructed and expressed conserved sM2 and HA2 influenza antigens with cholera toxin subunit A1 (CTA1) on the surface of Lactobacillus casei (pgsA-CTA1sM2HA2/L. casei). Oral and(More)
Pediococcus pentosaceus ID-7 was isolated from kimchi, a Korean fermented food, and it showed high activity for lactose hydrolysis. The β-galactosidase of P. pentosaceus ID-7 belongs to the GH2 group, which is composed of two distinct proteins. The heterodimeric LacLM type of β-galactosidase found in P. pentosaceus ID-7 consists of two genes partially(More)
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