Jones O. Albuquerque

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This study aimed to describe epidemiological aspects of schistosomiasis in Carne de Vaca, Goiana, on the coast of Pernambuco State, Brazil and analyze the spatial distribution of households' sanitary conditions and patterns of water contact. A parasitological survey was conducted between 2006 and 2007. An indicator was set to establish risk levels for(More)
The Information Communication and Technology – ICT industry is facing a market of constant changes and challenges. These characteristics demand the ICT professionals to have a wide vision of the problem, rather than just knowledge on the technology. In this context, the objective of this article is to propose an innovative pedagogical methodology(More)
BACKGROUND In Brazil, schistosomiasis mansoni infection is an endemic disease that mainly affects the country's rural populations who carry out domestic and social activities in rivers and water accumulations that provide shelter for the snails of the disease. The process of rural migration to urban centers and the disorderly occupation of natural(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to report the experience of an epidemiological field survey for which data were collected and analyzed using tablets. METHODS The devices used Epi Info 7 (Android version), which has been modeled a database with variables of the traditional form. RESULTS Twenty-one households were randomly selected in the study(More)
The effectiveness of a Master’s Program Course can only be appraised with the support of an efficient and accurate evaluation program. Taking the Problem Based Learning, as a reference to implement practical and real problems on a class of master students, and the traditional methods that focuses on formal exams as methodology, a method for evaluation was(More)
BACKGROUND Using the Android platform as a notification instrument for diseases and disorders forms a new alternative for computerization of epidemiological studies. OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to construct a tool for gathering epidemiological data on schistosomiasis using the Android platform. METHODS The developed application (app), named(More)
BACKGROUND The 2005 International Health Regulations (IHRs) established parameters for event assessments and notifications that may constitute public health emergencies of international concern. These requirements and parameters opened up space for the use of nonofficial mechanisms (such as websites, blogs, and social networks) and technological(More)
Since the early days of computers and programs, the process and outcomes of software development has been a minefield plagued with problems and failures, as much as the complexity and complication of software and its development has increased by a thousandfold in half a century. Over the years, a number of theories, laws, best practices, manifestos and(More)
BACKGROUND Malaria is a public health problem that affects remote areas worldwide. Climate change has contributed to the problem by allowing for the survival of Anopheles in previously uninhabited areas. As such, several groups have made developing news systems for the automated diagnosis of malaria a priority. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to(More)
In Software Engineering, technology transfer has been faced as a peer to peer problem, concerning only the adoption and innovation agents. This approach works well when one is just seeking the adoption of a technology by a specific client, but it can not solve a common problem that is the adoption of new technologies by a large mass of potential new users.(More)
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