Jonelle S Grant

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Delivery of preventive oral health services (POHS) has been embraced by many pediatric andfamily medical practices in North Carolina (NC). The outcome of implementing a state-wide Medicaid-supported oral health prevention initiative, "Into the Mouth of Babes Varnish and Screening Program (IMB), in an academic medical residency setting is described(More)
METHODS Ninety 3-5 year old children, 43 in the control group and 47 in the intervention group, participated in the study. An age and developmental appropriate prop-based oral health and nutrition intervention program was used. Subjects in the intervention group received a pre-test, an 8-10 minute prop-supported intervention, followed by an immediate(More)
The activities of the National Malaria Eradication Programme, a co-operative campaign inaugurated in July 1947 by the United States Public Health Service and certain State and local health agencies, are outlined. Control operations reached their maximal level in 1948, when 1,364,950 dwellings in 13 "malarious" States were sprayed with residual DDT, and the(More)