Jone Bone

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Muscle wasting and weakness are common features of patients with critical illnesses, and may impair their recovery. This study examines whether cytoskeletal and contractile proteins are damaged, and which proteolytic mechanisms might be involved, in the muscle fibre atrophy or necrosis associated with the acute myopathy of critically ill patients.(More)
The Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2002 is an independently administered technology evaluation of mature face recognition systems. FRVT 2002 provides performance measures for assessing the capability of face recognition systems to meet requirements for large-scale real world applications. Ten commercial firms participated in FRVT 2002. FRVT 2002(More)
Online and virtual spaces comprise a myriad of ad-hoc networks and online communities. Such communities are composed of smart devices, agents, systems and people who seek to interact in one way or another. We argue that the task of detecting anomalies in such settings is non-trivial. The complexity is further compounded since there is no clear cut(More)
The relationship between microvascular damage and the presence of muscle fibre atrophy and necrosis has been investigated in skeletal muscle biopsies taken from 57 patients with multiple organ failure. Immunohistochemical studies showed no loss of capillaries and no luminal thrombosis, while neutrophil leucocytes were more prevalent in the patients'(More)
Beyond predetermined Performance Scale differences, a group of 24 children with learning disabilities having a lower Verbal, higher Performance IQ profile on the WISC-R and 33 slow learners were not found to be otherwise distinguished by their individual WISC-R subtest scores or subtest scatter. The majority of children were males, white, of lower to middle(More)
Non-cytotoxic and cytotoxic antibodies were sought after donor-specific transfusion (DST) in 12 potential renal transplant recipients given concomitant cyclosporin therapy and 13 given DST alone. Non-cytotoxic antibodies, which have been shown to develop after third-party transfusion and to be associated with successful transplantation, developed after DST(More)
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