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There are three recognised variations of gas within the wall of the stomach (interstitial emphysema, cystic pneumatosis and emphysematous gastritis). Only 26 cases of interstitial emphysema have been described, with an overall mortality of 42%, and we report the first known case of this rare phenomenon associated with acute appendicitis. A description of(More)
Achalasia of the cardia is an uncommon condition with an incidence of 0.1 cases per year per 100,000 population under 14 years. A review of experience at Booth Hall Children's Hospital over the past 10 years has revealed six cases of achalasia in children. This includes two cases of the rare syndrome of achalasia, alacrima and ACTH insensitivity (also known(More)
AIM To evaluate prospectively the pattern, severity and predictive factors of pain after interventional radiological procedures. MATERIALS AND METHODS All patients undergoing non-arterial radiological interventional procedures were assessed using a visual-analogue scale (VAS) for pain before and at regular intervals for 24 h after their procedure. (More)
This research explores agent technology to support the information needs of patients and community pharmacists toward a beneficial outcome for the patient. As patients make more use of over the counter (OTC) medications to manage their own conditions, they must achieve effective communication in dealings with community pharmacists to avoid drug interactions(More)
AIM To assess agreement between uroradiologists and urologists with regards to the timing of non-elective percutaneous nephrostomy (PCN) catheter insertion, and whether any delay produced unacceptable complications. MATERIALS AND METHODS Standardized data collection forms detailing patient demographics, indications for PCN catheter insertion, blood(More)
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