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BACKGROUND The development of reliable, valid measures of psychopathology in people with intellectual disabilities is an important task. However, independent replication studies are rarely reported. AIMS To report data on the psychometric properties of the Psychiatric Assessment Schedule for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (PAS-ADD) Checklist. (More)
BACKGROUND The authors review measures of anxiety and pain used in recent dental studies. In particular, the study identifies the reliability, validity and usefulness of the measures. TYPE OF STUDIES REVIEWED Three computerized databases of published scientific literature were searched over a 10-year period. Only studies that included measures of anxiety(More)
Oral epidemiological research into the social determinants of oral health has been limited by the absence of a theoretical framework which reflects the complexity of real life social processes and the network of causal pathways between social structure and oral health and disease. In the absence of such a framework, social determinants are treated as(More)
OBJECTIVE Physical appearance plays a key role in human social interaction and the smile and teeth are important features in determining the attractiveness of a face. Furthermore, the mouth is thought to be important in social interactions. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between tooth colour and social perceptions. METHODS(More)
The aim of this study was to explore undergraduate and postgraduate dental students' understanding of a good learning experience by using 'reflection on learning' as described by Schon. Four groups of Year 4 BDS students and one group of postgraduate students in dental public health took part in a series of focus group discussions. The responses were(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the working practices and level of job satisfaction of male and female dentists. METHODS A nationwide postal survey of all dentists holding an annual practising certificate in New Zealand (response rate 78.1%). RESULTS The mean number of hours worked per week was 29.1 for female and 36.0 for male dentists. The main reason for(More)
This study ascertained the influence of orthodontic appliances on subjective ratings for social competence (SC), intellectual ability (IA), psychological adjustment (PA), and attractiveness in young adult orthodontic patients. A cross-sectional analytical questionnaire study was conducted with 130 undergraduates from the UK. Each participant was asked to(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe patients' and their parents' expectations of orthodontic treatment. DESIGN A questionnaire survey of 100 patients and their primary care-givers attending a new patient orthodontic consultant clinic, at a teaching hospital. SETTING GKT Orthodontic Department, King's College Dental Hospital, London, UK. SUBJECTS The sample(More)
A group of 19 individuals who had been infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and placed in source isolation were interviewed about their views of MRSA infection and the experience of source isolation. Participants were unclear about the nature of MRSA, and generally did not perceive the infection to have a significant impact upon(More)
BACKGROUND The Specialist Mental Health Service for people with an intellectual disability (ID) and psychiatric disorder (referred to throughout this paper as 'the Service') has been in operation in south-east London for the last 18 years, during which time two local, long-stay institutions have closed. AIMS To measure the number of referrals to the(More)