Jonathon Richter

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Educational applications of virtual worlds are growing in popularity and used in pursuit of a wider diversity of learning outcomes as platforms proliferate and experimentation continues. According to this book, " the primary factor (lending to Second Life's growing acceptance by educators) is that it represents an innovative way for both learners and(More)
The putative thymidylate synthase (TS) gene of herpesvirus ateles, a T-lymphotropic tumor virus of New World primates, has a single large open reading frame encoding a polypeptide of 32.9 kilodaltons. The gene is transcribed into an unspliced 2.4-kilobase mRNA that is abundantly expressed late in virus replication. The AT-rich 5' untranslated leader(More)
A new form of distance learning, online learning is education in which instruction and content comprising a formal course of study are delivered primarily via the Internet. K–12 enrollments in online courses continue to grow, and while there is great potential in the virtual schools movement, there are many challenges inherent in this relatively new method(More)
1. Background This special issue addresses core topics on Virtual and Mixed Reality Intelligent Environments. The conventional definitions for virtual and mixed reality systems, e.g., in [1-3], do not require that such environments should be intelligent or even reactive. However, most useful applications of virtual reality can be considered intelligent in(More)
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