Jonathon M Martin

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Four patients with Multicore Myopathy, a rare morphologically distinct myopathy, are described. Although previously considered to be a non-progressive or only slowly progressive myopathy, progression to significant disability was seen in three of our cases. The association of cardiac disease with Multicore Myopathy has not been previously emphasised. All(More)
High-risk skin cancer arising on the upper limb or trunk can cause axillary nodal metastases. Previous studies have shown that axillary radiotherapy improves regional control. There is little published work on technique. Technique standardization is important in quality assurance and comparison of results especially for trials. Our technique, planned with(More)
Introduction: Pre-operative MRI is being used with increasing frequency to evaluate breast cancer patients, but the debate surrounding risks and benefits of this use continues. At our institution, we instituted a standardized protocol for pre-operative MRI. Here, we compare patients seen prior to routine use of MRI to those seen after and examine effects on(More)
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