Jonathon Knott

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OBJECTIVES Cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) is widely regarded as an important contributor to renal failure, a well recognized complication following coronary artery surgery (coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG)). Anecdotally off-pump coronary surgery (OPCAB) is considered renoprotective. We examine the extent of renal glomerular and tubular injury in(More)
AIMS To assess the numeracy and literacy skills of individuals with Type 1 diabetes and determine if there is a relationship with achieved glycaemic control independent of their duration of diabetes, diabetes education, demographic and socio-economic factors. METHODS One hundred and twelve patients completed the study (mean current age 43.8 ± 12.5 years,(More)
AIMS To determine 5-year mortality rates, following the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes, in a large local cohort of individuals with new onset of Type 2 diabetes seen within a few weeks of diagnosis in a single, community-based education programme. METHODS We reviewed referrals for people with Type 2 diabetes to our service over 5 years from 1999 to 2003 and(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine (a) the inter-rater reliability of pairs of emergency doctors' and/or nurses' ratings of the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) and the Full Outline of Unresponsiveness (FOUR) Scale in emergency department (ED) patients, (b) the concurrent validity of the FOUR Scale using the GCS as the reference scale and (c) doctors' and nurses' knowledge(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the mental health-related learning needs of doctors and nurses working in Australian EDs. METHODS A purpose-designed survey was developed, and face validity was verified by 12 doctors and nurses. A cross-sectional survey of a national sample of nurses and senior doctors (registrars and consultants) working in EDs across Australia was(More)
OBJECTIVE The long-term outcomes of intensive care for the growing elderly cohort are not well defined. We explored the predictive factors for 12-month mortality in elderly patients who were admitted to an intensive care unit within 24 hours of emergency department (ED) presentation. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS A retrospective cohort study of 506(More)
A case of ochronosis with far-advanced cardiovascular, skeletal, and prostatic manifestations is reported. An attempt is made to correlate the location of pigment with other pathological changes in this disorder. A brief discussion of the hereditary factors, the metabolic pathways of homogentisic acid, and the pathogenesis of ochronosis is presented.
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