Jonathon C. Ralston

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This paper describes the development of a new ground penetrating radar system for measuring coal thickness in underground mining operations. Although subsurface radar exhibits significant potential for depth measurement, the raw signals are complicated and cannot be readily interpreted by mining personnel. We show how real-time digital signal processing(More)
Nonlinear system identication involves selecting the order of the given model based on the input-output data. A boot-strap model selection procedure which selects the model by minimising bootstrap estimates of the prediction error is developed. Bootstrap based model selection procedures are attractive because the bootstrap observations generated for the(More)
The classic description of the rate of capillary rise given by the Washburn equation, which assumes that the contact angle preserves the equilibrium value at all times, has been recently questioned in the light of the known experimental dependence of the dynamic contact angle on the velocity of the contact line. For a number of such proposed functions of(More)
The use of ground penetrating radar (GPR) for detecting near-surface interfaces is a scenario of special interest to the underground coal mining industry. The problem is difficult to solve in practice because the radar echo is often dominated by unwanted components such as antenna crosstalk and ringing, ground-bounce effects, clutter, and severe(More)
This paper considers the identication of time-invariant bilinear models using observed input{output data. Bi-linear models represent a parsimonious class of nonlin-ear parameterisations and have been used in a variety of applications. However the performance of the bi-linear model can be limited in practice when standard least-squares techniques are used,(More)
This paper reports on an industrial application of modern signal processing technology in the development of a new automatic conveyor and bolting machine for underground coal mining. The machine is of special interest to the mining industry as it improves mine personnel safety as well as increasing the efficiency of roadway construction. We show how(More)