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With the advance of computer and photonics technology, imaging photoplethysmography [(PPG), iPPG] can provide comfortable and comprehensive assessment over a wide range of anatomical locations. However, motion artifact is a major drawback in current iPPG systems, particularly in the context of clinical assessment. To overcome this issue, a new(More)
Facial expression recognition forms a critical capability desired by human-interacting systems that aim to be responsive to variations in the human's emotional state. Recent trends toward cloud computing and outsourcing has led to the requirement for facial expression recognition to be performed remotely by potentially untrusted servers. This paper presents(More)
A new approach for convolutive blind source separation (BSS) by explicitly exploiting the second-order nonstationarity of signals and operating in the frequency domain is proposed. The algorithm accommodates a penalty function within the cross-power spectrum-based cost function and thereby converts the separation problem into a joint diagonalization problem(More)
A real time recurrent learning (RTRL) algorithm with an adaptive-learning rate for nonlinear adaptive "lters realised as fully connected recurrent neural networks (RNNs) is derived. The algorithm is obtained by minimising the instantaneous squared error at the output neuron for every time instant while the network is running. The algorithm normalises the(More)
This paper investigates the secrecy performance of full-duplex relay (FDR) networks. The resulting analysis shows that FDR networks have better secrecy performance than half duplex relay networks, if the self-interference can be well suppressed. We also propose a full duplex jamming relay network, in which the relay node transmits jamming signals while(More)
This paper considers the security of transmission in buffer-aided decode-and-forward cooperative wireless networks. An eavesdropper which can intercept the data transmission from both the source and relay nodes is considered to threaten the security of transmission. Finite size data buffers are assumed to be available at every relay in order to avoid having(More)
A steady-state performance analysis of the fractional tap-length (FT) variable tap-length least mean square (LMS) algorithm is presented in this correspondence. Based on the analysis, a mathematical formulation for the steady-state tap length is obtained. Some general criteria for parameter selection are also given. The analysis and the associated(More)
We propose a novel computer vision-based fall detection system for monitoring an elderly person in a home care application. Background subtraction is applied to extract the foreground human body and the result is improved by using certain postprocessing. Information from ellipse fitting and a projection histogram along the axes of the ellipse is used as the(More)