Jonathan de Halleux

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Constraints in form regular expressions over strings are ubiquitous. They occur often in programming languages like Perl and C#, in SQL in form of LIKE expressions, and in web applications. Providing support for regular expression constraints in program analysis and testing has several useful applications. We introduce a method and a tool called Rex, for(More)
Software programs evolve throughout their lifetime undergoing various changes. While making these changes, software developers may introduce regression faults. It is desirable to detect these faults as quickly as possible to reduce the cost involved in fixing them. One existing solution is continuous testing, which runs an existing test suite to quickly(More)
An important goal of software testing is to achieve at least high structural coverage. To reduce the manual efforts of producing such high-covering test inputs, testers or developers can employ tools built based on automated structural test-generation approaches. Although these tools can easily achieve high structural coverage for simple programs, when they(More)
During the last 10 years, code inspection for standard programming errors has largely been automated with static code analysis. During the next 10 years, we expect to see similar progress in automating testing, and specifically test generation, thanks to advances in program analysis, efficient constraint solvers, and powerful computers. Three new tools from(More)
Dynamic symbolic execution is a structural testing technique that systematically explores feasible paths of the program under test by running the program with different test inputs to improve code coverage. To address the space-explosion issue in path exploration, we propose a novel approach called Fitnex, a search strategy that uses state-dependent fitness(More)
This article deals with the regulation of water 6ow in open-channels modelled by Saint-Venant equations. By means of a Riemann invariants approach, we deduce stabilizing control laws for a single horizontal reach without friction. The stability condition is extended to a general class of hyperbolic systems which can describe canal networks with more general(More)
The world is experiencing a technology shift. In 2011, more touchscreen-based mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will be sold than desktops, laptops, and netbooks combined. In fact, in many cases incredibly powerful and easy-to-use smart phones are going to be the first and, in less developed countries, possibly the only computing devices which(More)
Recently there has been an upsurge of interest in both, Search– Based Software Testing (SBST), and Dynamic Symbolic Execution (DSE). Each of these two approaches has complementary strengths and weaknesses, making it a natural choice to explore the degree to which the strengths of one can be exploited to offset the weakness of the other. This paper(More)
An objective of unit testing is to achieve high structural coverage of the code under test. Achieving high structural overage of object-oriented code requires desirable method-call sequences that create and mutate objects. These sequences help generate target object states such as argument or receiver object states (in short as target states) of a method(More)